Lerner Theater hosts job fair

NOW: Lerner Theater hosts job fair

ELKHART, Ind. -- The Lerner Theater hosted a job fair Wednesday in preparation for its busy fall season.

With their fall season ramping up, they are looking for more employees.

"It’s a great on-call position so we’re always kind of filtering in and out. Definitely things ramping back up with shows we’re just really looking forward to being able to welcome new members to our team," said Lerner Theater Director Michelle Frank.

One local supporter says he's been attending events at the Lerner for years and jokingly stated that he would work there for free.

"This has always been one of my favorite venues, I’ve been to a lot of great shows here and I figured it would be a pleasure and lot of fun to work here, so I figured I would come check it out," said local resident Eddie Golinki.

While Golinki is willing to work at the Lerner because of the opportunity, there are others who are turning their heads at the $10 hourly wage.

"We’re looking for something in retirement or someone just to kind of get them acclimated them to the community and because of that, that is where we set that ten dollar pay rate," said Lerner Theater Director Michelle Frank.

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