"Life in Michiana" exhibit tells personal stories of people in Michiana

What does living in Michiana mean to you? A long running exhibit at the Saint Joseph County Public Library asks residents every year to let them know through photographs, what Michiana means to them.

From scenic shots, to beloved pets and to family photos, hundreds of people in Michiana submit photos for the “Life in Michiana” exhibit.

All photos are required to be taken locally. Each photo is about the size of a sheet of printer paper. Many are either black and white or colored. It’s been well received throughout the community and the library says it’s made an impact on so many.

“The fact that people take something personal that happened to them and shares it in an artistic way with all of us and other people get to see it too, maybe they connect with that, said Jennifer Zent, Communications Specialist at the Saint Joseph County Public Library.

Not every photo submitted gets put on display. Each photo is placed into it’s appropriate category.

Before the exhibit closes, the library hosts an award ceremony for the photos.

“We have a different group of people each year who judge the photos in different categories looking them over and then they announce those winners during the reception and people receive gift cards,” Zent said.

You also can stop in the library and pick your favorite photo for the “People’s Choice” award.

The exhibit is on display until January 22nd and the award ceremony is on January 15th. 

Entries for the 2018 exhibit will be taken starting in the fall. 

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