Likelihood of late winter and spring snowstorms

This winter has been a roller coaster, with big temperature changes causing snow, mix and rain to wipe out Michiana, all in a matter of days. It has many of us wondering if spring can hurry up. Well, winter still has another month to go, and big snow storms are still common during the second half of winter, and even during spring. Therefore, we are not out of the woods yet. 

On average, Michiana is only buried by one snowstorm of +3" during the time period of February 15th to May 31st.  This means that we escape the late winter/spring snowstorms more often than not. An interesting trend has shown that late winter/spring snowstorms have become more common since 1893. 

Data from cli-MATE

So when could we see this next +3" snow storm?

It is most common during the second half of February and throughout the month of March. It's likely that this year, we will still have a few +3" snow storms before summer rolls around. On average, there is less than one +3" snow storm during March, meaning throughout most of our 125 year record, it has not happened.

Data from cli-MATE

Some of the biggest late winter/spring snow storms have been over 12" of snow in February, March and April, and there has even been a 10" snow storm in Michiana on May 3, 1929. Ouch! 

Data from cli-MATE

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