Live from Carbondale: Solar eclipse doesn't disappoint

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- The solar eclipse Monday afternoon inspired adjectives such as amazing, wonderful and cool. The rare event prompted thousands to travel to sites, like Saluki Stadium in Carbondale, Illinois, where they could experience the total eclipse.

At the stadium on the campus of Southern Illinois University, the school's band and cheerleaders performed for the sold out crowd.

The university even launched balloon with cameras to take video of the shadows resulting from the eclipse.

But all of the events paled in comparison to the moment the moon blotted out the sun during the total eclipse.

One of the attendees drove from Maryland to see the total eclipse.

“My husband is at home so it’s really sad he isn’t getting to see a total and we were able to see the total and we saw the diamond ring as well. It was really cool. It was kind of eerie. The light of the stadium and everyone around – it kind of looked eerie," she said.

The stadium emptied quickly after the eclipse was complete.

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