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Local artists bring new life to abandoned Benton Harbor warehouse

BENTON HARBOR, Mich.-A squad of artists is bringing new life to an abandoned warehouse in Benton Harbor. This weekend, they’re hosting an art show in hopes of attracting more people to the city’s art district.

They call themselves the “Fun Squad.” They’ve been looking for a space since last year, and thanks to the city’s New Territory Arts Assocation and Ken Ankli, they created their own version of an art gallery.

Each room features pieces created by 15 local and regional artists, one even coming all the way from Milwaukee.

The building on Hinkley Street features not just art, but a swing, tire swings and a DJ booth.

On Friday from 6 to 9 P.M., they’re hosting a free event that will have a DJ, a giant unicorn horn a laser light show and a dance floor.

“We know that big cities have all of these cultural institutions but people live in small towns as well but we have the same needs to kind of communicate with each other to express ideas and be exposed to new and different things,” said Nathan Margoni, an artist.

Check out more of the warehouses's unique features:

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