Local bus company feels impact of COVID-19 pandemic

NOW: Local bus company feels impact of COVID-19 pandemic

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Planes, trains, and automobiles are being affected by the coronavirus.

People are being asked not to travel and many traveling agencies and businesses are feeling the sting, including the motor coach industry.

The bus excursions rely on restaurants, hotels, bars, casinos--you name it. Wherever large groups of tourists typically go, they all have been shut down due to the fear of spreading COVID-19.

Becky Weigand, the owner of TravelStarz says that in her 20 years of planning and going on day or multiple week excursions she has never been faced with a pandemic like this.

With the virtually no attractions open and many of the typical shows she travels to being shut down, the start to her busy season has been cut short with no start date in the foreseeable future.

Most recently, Weigand has had to cancel 4 of her trips planned within the next two months, including a day trip to the Chicago Flower and Garden show.

However, to Weigand, it's not only bad that the venue closed the event or even its effect on her that she is worried about.

"I had a lot of new people that was probably my biggest disappointment" says Weigand, "Here is the first trip they [new customers] sign up for and it's lost, it's cancelled."

While the sting of the uncertain future is still weighing on the TravelStarz group, Weigand says she is still hopeful the pandemic will end sooner than expected and that her next trip planned for May will be able to go on without delay.

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