Local businesses excited for the return of prom season

In 2020, businesses, along with high school students were not able to take advantage of prom season.

Now in 2021, everything has changed.

With prom season in full effect, local businesses are noticing more foot traffic from parents and students who are shopping for their best prom outfit.

It's not just dresses and tuxes flying out of stories this time of the year again, there are other aspects of that special night such as flowers that are important too.

"As compared to last year, we really weren't able to enjoy the prom so this year we’ve seen a great business with our prom flowers. A lot of really excited, happy kids getting ready to go." said employee of Matzke Florist, Michelle Enfield.

Businesses in several industries tell me, 2020 was understandably hard on them.

"So we had never seen anything like this before. We’ve been through a lot. A lot of economic ups and downs but never a situation where all events cancelled, we were forced to close, that kind of thing. So we had to find ways to as I said adapt and overcome." said employee at Stephenson's, Danny Reynolds. 

As vaccines continue to roll out and restrictions slowly get lifted, there seems to be some hope in the future. 

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