Local dogs 'human' face tops social media sites

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – A local shih tzu/poodle mix is making big waves on social media and news sites.

The dog, named Tonik, has a very human-like face.

The dog is being cared for by Homeward Bound of Mishawaka. It was rescued from a kill shelter in Kentucky.

Photos of the dog, taken by Renny Mills, were posted on Petfinder.

From there, it was posted on Tumblr, then Buzzfeed and it has taken off from there.

The dog's current caretaker said she didn't notice the human resemblance.

“We just think he looks like a dog. We just thought he had like a cute little monkey face. He looks like some little teeny monkey but I never thought he really looked like a person,” said Jen Schwartz, Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Group, Inc.

Tonik is available for adoption, contact Homeward Bound of Mishawaka. The group has received adoption offers from California, Germany and China.

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