Local events pay tribute to fallen heroes from 9/11

NOW: Local events pay tribute to fallen heroes from 9/11


Sixteen years ago terrorists changed America on a day we will never forget. Years later, tributes are happening across the nation and in Michiana to remember those who lost their lives.

Chapel Hill will host a Never Forget Tribute Monday at 6 p.m. The event is free and open to the public.

It focuses on remembering the first responders, civilians and military who lost their lives that day with a flag display.

Three thousand flags spaced five inches apart are on display at Chapel Hill. Community Outreach Coordinator Lori Smith says the display gives people a place to reflect and a visual of each life lost.

“Every flag out here represents and individual that lost their life,” said Smith. “Every flag represents a family that lost a family member that day.”

But it also gives a visual of those people who died.

“When you can come out here and actually see the visual and understand that each flag represents a life that was lost, it really kind of brings it home for you,” said Smith.

Thursday’s tribute will start with speeches from community leaders, followed with a youth art exhibition and contest. Artwork is all themed around September 11, 2001 and was submitted by local youth. Guests will be able to vote for their favorite artwork prior to an award ceremony for all of the pieces.

There will also be a banner for people to write thank-you notes to local first responders, and an appetizer reception.

Concord Fire Station 1 in Elkhart is also hosting a ceremony at 2 p.m. Thursday. 

After the twin towers fell 16 years ago, a Callery pear tree was the only tree that stood in all the rubble.

Concord Township Fire Chief Rick Rochford will give away saplings grown from that tree to each community participating in the ceremony.

The communities will then plant the trees near their own 9/11 memorial.

Goshen, Nappanee, Mishawaka and South Bend make up some of those communities

Public officials and first responders from each community will receive the trees.


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