Local furnace company steps in to help terminally ill woman

NOW: Local furnace company steps in to help terminally ill woman

On Thursday, ABC57 spoke with a terminally ill woman who says she was taken advantage of while trying to get her furnace fixed. After our story aired, Home Comfort Experts decided to help Stacey Kubsch and installed a new furnace in her home - free of charge.

“One of our employees was watching the news last night, saw the story, and obviously anything like this hits home for us," said James Olesen, the service manager for Home Comfort Experts. “That employee contacted our general manager and said, 'Hey did you see this on the news?' He hadn’t seen it so he quick, looks at the story. Our general manager gets a hold of our on-call technician and we get a hold of Stacey and send our technician out last night just to look at the furnace and see if there is anything that we could do to possibly get that furnace going right now - tonight. We just all kind of looked at each other and said, 'Why don’t we just put a new furnace in?'”

“It was so quick. It just happened so fast I just couldn’t believe it. I mean, I saw the little segment at 6 and these guys were here I think at 7:30 or something like that. I mean it was like that," Kubsch said. “I was in shock. Actually I didn’t sleep all night because I was so excited. I was actually shaking not from being cold, just the excitement that you know someone was going to help me out. It just means so much to me. There really are good people left in the world."

“We’re thankful that we’re able to reach out in a small way like this and impact your life and impact the lives of those around you. You can have friends back over to the house again you know and be able to sit here and entertain and just those small things that you weren’t able to do just because of something simple that we all take for granted like a properly heated home," Olesen said.

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