Local man teaching mechanical skills for free

NOW: Local man teaching mechanical skills for free

BRISTOL, Ind --  What started out as a search for an apprentice on craigslist, eventually turned into, over 10 students looking to learn a new trade.

Almost 10 years ago, Kevin Master's started the journey of teaching the ropes of car mechanics.

While maintaining the role as caretaker for his ill father, Kevin Master's needed something else to occupy his time and bring him satisfaction.

"I do a hot-rod class where I teach kids basic automotive skills. Tuning, stuff as simple as oil changes and tire rotations, and all the way up to full fabrication and welding. We basically build a car from the ground up." said Kevin Master's.

The classes are held out of Kevin's garage every Tuesday, from 6-8 p.m.

The disabled mechanic has never charged any of his students one penny over the course of almost 10 years, and plans to keep it that way.

Some of his students come equipped with knowledge and others, come with just the desire to learn.

"I get to learn a different way of leaning things. A different way of teaching. Everybody learns different and people teach differently and it’s unique to be able to see different types of learning skills." said one of the first students, Derrick Simons.

As a teacher, Master's says, that anyone who walks through his doors for class, is part of his family.

To join the classes, you can message Kevin Master's on Facebook, under "Masters Hot Rod School and Museum Bristol Indiana".

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