Local Mishawaka tattoo shop viral on TikTok

NOW: Local Mishawaka tattoo shop viral on TikTok


MISHAWAKA, Ind. – A Michiana Tattoo parlor is going viral on Tik Tok. The all-inclusive female-owned tattoo studio in Mishawaka is using the social media platform to showcase their artwork and unique tattoo studio. 

Enamored Arts has been in Mishawaka since 2019. There's currently three tattoo artists, that all happen to be women, and one microblader. 

“There’s a lot of things that we personally like that aren’t your typical tattoo studio energy. So, we wanted to just be somewhere where we also felt comfortable,” Tattoo artist Betzy Lou said.

Enamored Arts in Mishawaka isn't your ordinary tattoo shop. When you walk inside the female-owned studio, you’ll see a lot of stuff that you won’ find at other tattoo studios. Their viral Tik Tok video has over 200,000 views. It shows brightly colored painted walls, vintage game consoles, anime and Disney art, and plush toy merchandise.

Lou said the studio was created so artists could have a place that they felt comfortable in. While also, being inclusive, and welcoming for all. The response from the community has been a positive one.

“Everybody is just super excited that we are a completely different type of tattoo studio. So, they just want to come in and check it out and we just love that. We love that they can feel and see the things we are trying to build here,” Lou said.

To book an appointment or apply to be part of the team at Enamored Arts you can contact the studio at 
[email protected] or (574) 387-4433


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