Local mom and 525 Foundation founder releases book to raise awareness, save lives

NOW: Local mom and 525 Foundation founder releases book to raise awareness, save lives


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The best way to reach people is through stories. These were the thoughts of Becky Savage as she took her story to paper. Becky started the 525 Foundation following the tragic loss of her two sons, Nick and Jack. The nonprofit focuses on raising awareness and educating families on substance abuse.

Now, Becky hopes to reach beyond the community with her book, #OneChoice.

On June 14th, 2015, Nick and Jack Savage passed away after attending graduation parties with friends. The two were underage drinking when at some point were both offered a pill, and took it. The pill they took was OxyContin, and the next day, the two were found unresponsive.

Becky created the 525 Foundation to share how no one is immune to a bad choice, and breaking this stigma saves lives. Her book, #OneChoice, shares the story but from an entirely different perspective. Becky wrote the story of Nick and Jack with their voice. She explains this was intentional for teens to realize how the two were normal kids just like them, who had one choice, one summer night.

“Telling the story too from a different perspective, it is Nick and Jack telling their story, and their life growing up,” says Savage. “I want readers to connect with them. It goes all the way up until the night they went to a party and made a bad choice, and their story ends. Then my story takes over in the book. We are hoping their story will be told in a different way and will continue to make an impact in other people’s lives”

Preorder the book here. Learn more about the 525 Foundation here.

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