Local organizations hold event celebrating the Three Wise Men

NOW: Local organizations hold event celebrating the Three Wise Men

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – The South Bend Police Athletic League teamed up with La Casa de Amistad and other local organizations to host an event on Friday that celebrates “El Día de Los Reyes” – the Day of the Three Wise Men.

The event took place at Harrison Primary Center on Western Avenue from 5 p.m. to 7p.m.

Children at the event received presents, played basketball and ate plenty of treats, including Rosca De Reyes — a Mexican-style pastry that is similar to cake.

“It's just bringing the community together to celebrate such a wonderful event,” Juan Hernandez said, President of the Latin Chamber of Commerce. “It gives many exposures of the law enforcement as well as the fire department to be out here and have our kids embrace them. We know that we have gaps in [in the community] — it's a continuing process for us to make an impact and fix it. And the kids are really just enjoying being out here and surrounded by the men and women wearing the uniforms that protect them every day.”

Children’s games and bicycles were also raffled off during the event.

El Día de Los Reyes is a holiday celebrated in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries and it honors the Three Wise Men who brought gifts to Jesus.

The Latin Chamber of Commerce and South Bend Community Schools were also involved in putting on the event.

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