Local students in presidents inaugural parade

Students from Culver Academies are preparing for their appearance in the 57th Presidential Inaugural Parade.

There are 59 boys from the Black Horse Troop and 24 girls from the Equestriennes participating.

The students have been practicing to ride, learning how to ride with one hand, and even helping the horses get used to loud noises like clapping and sirens.

They're actually packing up and taking nearly 90 horses for the trip.

The students have been preparing all year for this, even before they knew whether they would actually be invited.

That official invite came over Christmas break.

"It was just really fun to know that we were going and it’s becoming real,” said senior Eleanor Logue.

"This is going to be something I've never experienced before traveling with my group of guys, my unit. It’s going to be a lot of fun going to a big city,” said senior Peter Foersch.

They leave bright and early Friday morning,

The horses will leave Saturday.

The parade is Monday.

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