Teens pay it forward to local community pets

NOW: Teens pay it forward to local community pets

MISHAWAKA, Ind.- The Mishawaka chapter of the Teen Pay It Forward Club built 3 “Ball Buddies” for local pets with the help of donations.

The Michiana Pay It Forward Foundation hosts activities and events throughout the year in order to give back to the community, but they are showing teens that paying it forward is not limited to people.

Debbie Micola, the director of the Michiana Pay It Forward Foundation, said, "They learned that paying it forward isn’t just for people. That we can do it anywhere, with anything. They can help animals, nature, anything like that. Just a way of giving back."

The local Mishawaka Lowe’s donated parts to the teen leaders to help them with their project.

The “Ball Buddies” each hold six tennis balls and were donated to the Margaret H. Prickett Marina Dog Park in Mishawaka on Wednesday.

These buddies will be available to the public for free use while at the park.

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