LOGAN purchases Hannah and Friends Neighborhood

NOW: LOGAN purchases Hannah and Friends Neighborhood

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – LOGAN announced its' purchase of the Hannah and Friends property on South Bend’s north side.

The Logan center supports people in Michiana who have a disability and officials hope this investment will improve the quality of life for children and adults with special needs.

“What’s going to happen with my loved one when I’m not here to take care of them?” Dick Nussbaum, the Chair of Hannah and Friends Neighborhood Inc. said. “Charlie and Maura had that same issue with their beloved Hannah.”

They created the Hannah and Friends Neighborhood 13 years ago to help those with special needs live their lives.

“Their primary reason for buying this property and to develop this property was to give hope to other families who don’t have the resources, or didn’t have the resources,” Nussbaum said. “And so they can enjoy their lives and their opportunities just like their daughter Hannah could.”

On November 1st, LOGAN officially purchased the property and announced it on Wednesday.

“You have to have the wisdom about what you can and what you can’t do,” Nussbaum said.

Charlie and Maura had an ambitious goal for this property, although many things were accomplished over the years, this new partnership will lead to greater accomplishments in the future.

“A partner to be able to utilize this facility in a way that will not only do justice for the vision of the property but to also make it sustainable,” he said.

Now that LOGAN has taken the reigns, there is a major opportunity for growth.

“The very first next step is how we can expand our recreation and summer programs because right now we have some limitations for current space for those programs. And when you’re here looking at 40 acres of property, there’s lots of space to do a lot of things especially in the summertime,” Matt Harrington, the CEO of LOGAN said.

Growth is important, not only for the legacy of the property but the hundreds of people it helps.

“You can’t help but come here and feel hope and leave here and feel hope,” Nussbaum said.

LOGAN purchased the location for $1.8 million. Hannah and Friends Neighborhood will still run the barn and be a partner along the way.

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