Lucky's Donuts robbed, employee hurt

NOW: Lucky’s Donuts robbed, employee hurt


A Lucky’s Donuts employee is recovering Thursday night after someone hit him over the head with a hammer and robbed the popular restaurant.

The restaurant had to shut down Wednesday following a violent robbery.

Elkhart police say two suspects fled the store sometime around noon and are still on the run tonight.

“When I close the door like that I run out inside I close the door and he pushed it and I pull pull and he broke it,” said the employee.

Thursday, it was quiet at the restaurant but on Wednesday even neighboring businesses could hear the commotion inside.

The restaurant chef, who has chosen to remain anonymous, says two men wearing sweatshirts pretended to order food and drinks before one of them took out a hammer and nailed him on his head.

When he ran to the kitchen, one suspect followed and tried pushing in a door, breaking the hinges.

The suspects fled after collecting about 100 dollars worth of cash and even though there are at least 4 security cameras inside, the store’s owner says they weren’t recording because he never could have imagined anyone would want to rob a carryout restaurant.

 “I ran then he climbed right away, then I closed the door and he pushed, then I go to the office, lock the door, he got money and run away,” said the employee.

That employee is doing fine tonight but is a shaken.

The store was open for business on Thursday.

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