Made in Michiana: ASA Electronics

Made in Michiana: ASA Electronics

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind.—This week’s Made in Michiana takes us to ASA Electronics in Elkhart.

For the last 40 years, ASA Electronics has outlasted its competitors and multiple recessions, all thanks to opportunity.

A lot has changed since Tom Irions and his business partner co-founded ASA Electronics in the late 1970s.

“When I first got into the business, the hot thing was the eight track tape player,” Irions said.

The pair started distributing sound products from theirs own cars.

Now, the entertainment company CEO says they have over 100 employees, with some stationed as far away as China.

“The trick of it is what’s there and what’s available and how to get it in the market faster than the other person,” Irions said.

What started as filling a need for entertainment systems in the area has blossomed into a booming team that specializes in mobile electronics for the marine, RV, construction, agriculture, power sports and truck industries.

“We’ve always been located here, but we’ve been national and international with our selling efforts,” Irions said. “We are unique in that we have a full testing lab here.”

Every durability assessment imaginable is conducted locally, including full water submersion, shock, shaking and parts testing.

When the team isn’t testing, they’re innovating.

“You can download an app for Android or Apple on your phone and you can operate the lights, the slide-outs, the awning, anything in the RV,” Irions said.

ASA Electronics’ “in command” operating system can be found in new RVs and compatible GM trucks around the nation.

Irions says the key to the company’s survival is diversification.

“Like the Chinese symbol danger and opportunity. They’re both there. Danger in losing what you have, but opportunity to grab more or sustain what you have,” Irions said.

Take a look at ASA Electronics' current projects here. 

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