Made in Michiana: Conservative Creek Holsters

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Conservative Creek Holsters started in South Bend just a few months ago and they are already shipping their one of kind products all around the world.

Like any successful business, Brandon Holt's started by solving a problem.

“I had a specific gun and a light attachment that I could not find a holster for,” said Holt.

No holster could fit his light so he decided to make his own.

“As we made a couple for ourselves friends and family members jumped on it and said,’ Hey can you make one of these for me too?’” said Holt.

Three months in and his handmade gun, knife and magazine holsters are going global.

“I've shipped a couple off to Texas,” said Holt. “We've got a couple next week that are getting shipped to Afghanistan.”

But before they hit the hips of troops overseas, they start in Holt's home oven.

“It's just like baking cookies it just kind of smells a little different,” said Holt.

It's no oatmeal raisin. It's Kydex, a powerful and malleable plastic.

“It's kind of an art project in a sense to kind of run with,” said Holt.

The finished product is a safe, personalized and hand crafted holster. They’re made in a Michiana apartment by a budding entrepreneur.

“If I can't rely on it to protect me and my family everyday I am not going to send it out to one of my customers. If I don't trust my own product I am not going to send it out to anyone else,” said Holt.

The key to their success is their fast turn around and competitive prices.

Their holsters are about half the cost of similar products at big companies, and they say they put twice as much attention to detail.

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