Made in Michiana: GTA Containers

Made in Michiana: GTA Containers

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind.—This week’s Made in Michiana takes us to GTA Containers in South Bend.

The business that makes transporting liquids like fuel and drinking water possible all started in 1988.

“My wife, Louise, she told me ‘Yatish this is not a way we can grow our family. We need some stability in the job. So we should start a business,” Yatish Joshi, president of GTA Container said.

Joshi’s first contract was with the U.S. Army.

“In 1988 we got our first contract for making 250 gallon mini tanks, 100 each, for the U.S. Army. And that’s how we started,” Joshi said.

The company specializes in manufacturing a complete system of collapsible containers to transport liquids like fuel, drinking water and food products.

“Since 1988, as of today, we deliver every single contract on time, or ahead of schedule. And as of today, we have zero rejects. So we are very proud,” Joshi said.

Joshi says that GTA Container’s efficiency and quality are two of the biggest reasons it has been successful all of these years.

“And if you ask anybody what the name GTA stands for, they’ll tell you it’s quality. They have so much faith in us that we say we’re going to do something, and they have full confidence it’s going to happen,” Joshi said.

Each drum or pillow tank is designed and manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures and rugged terrain.

“The beauty about that drum is… you can put it in helicopters, drop it into a pasture, you can free fall drop 500 gallons of water or the fuel from 13 feet. It bounce, bounce, bounce,” Joshi said.

The durability makes it ideal for delivering water and fuel to remote areas all over the world, like after a natural disaster or other humanitarian crisis.

“This is very specialized fabric. It’s very difficult to make,” Joshi said.

Joshi anticipates that GTA Containers will continue to grow.

“We have room for growth, but we want to grow with a purpose to make sure we handle it,” Joshi said.

The company’s president says he’s proud to continue creating jobs, manufacturing an innovative product and supporting the U.S. Military right here in Michiana

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