Made in Michiana: Horse Saddle Shop

BREMEN, Ind. -- In Bremen, Indiana, there’s a shop making a huge splash in the horse saddle industry. They’re selling to customers all over the world.

Linda Fish loves her job restoring old saddles.

She brushes away the wear and tear and spruces up a product proudly made in the USA.

"It's very satisfying, especially when you have an older saddle and you bring it back to life,” said Fish.

Fish is one of nine workers at the Horse Saddle Shop. Owner Chuck Klockow said they make all the difference.

"My employees, they're all dedicated, hard working, moral people,” said Klockow.

Klockow knows a little bit about dedication. He put in countless hours to take these western goods from an online store to a real store.

"We've become the nation’s No. 1 saddle dealer in US-made western saddle,” said Klockow.

The Horse Saddle Shop has seen some serious growth over the years.

It started with an online store. Now they're serving people in 60 countries, including China.

A sign in the store reads “Hop on and try it out.” That’s what Carol Cryan’s grandchildren like to do.

"They just love the whole cowboy scene,” said Cryan.

They play while Cryan checks out the shelves filled with thousands of boots, blinged out belts and other great little gifts in the Bremen shop.

"There's so much competition from the larger stores that if we don't support our local vendors, then we're not going to have them anymore,” said Cryan.

"I think we're losing that hometown touch, but I'm glad to see it's still around,” said Fish. "I'm proud to be a part of it." 

The online store started in 2000. Eleven years later they opened up the Horse Saddle Shop. 

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