Made In Michiana: Monogram Foods

Made In Michiana: Monogram Foods

BRISTOL, Ind. -- ABC57 is taking you to Monogram Foods in Elkhart County for January's Made in Michiana.

Employees call the Bristol, Indiana Plant, the "Corn Dog Capital of the World." And you may be surprised at just how many places you'll find these corn dogs, made in your back yard.

"We are the corn dog capital of the world. That is correct," Monogram Foods Plant Manager Stephen Skarja said.

The plant in Bristol is one of the company's eight plants across the nation, specializing in making corn dogs.

"Our mission and our goal would be to produce the finest quality corn dog possible," Skarja said.

In 2018 alone, the plant produced at least 57 million pounds of corn dogs and mini corn dogs.

"Generally, we produce about 250,000 pounds a day, and anywhere from 1.2 to 1.3 million pounds a week," Skarja said.

Those dogs are shipped directly from Bristol to grocery and convenience stores across the country, up north to Canada, as far south as South America, and as close to home as Northern Indiana.

"Our corn dogs would be found pretty much in any, or every convenience store across the United States... Especially in Elkhart County, if you’re watching this segment, you have eaten a corn dog produced here at Monogram Foods," Skarja said.

The convenience food company provides jobs for more than 400 people living in Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan.

"We pride ourselves on being the employer of choice here in Elkhart County," Skarja said.

And Monogram is only looking to grow and expand from here.

"Certainly our vision is to be the industry leader in the production of corn dogs... But if there was an opportunity to produce another food item, we would be willing to take that challenge," Skarja said.

For now though, they will continue to cook up and crank out corn dogs right here in Michiana, for Americans and people all over the world to enjoy.

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