Made in Michiana: TayCo Brace

Made in Michiana: TayCo Brace

We first introduced you to the TayCo Brace in November on ABC 57 Saturday Kickoff.

What was the invention of Notre Dame Trainer Mike Bean has turned into a device that has helped not only athletes on the football field, but thousands around the world off of it.

The device was originally designed to help athletes on the playing field stabilize ankle injuries.

But the brace is doing much more than that.

Dr. Fred Ferlic with TayCo Brace, LLC. was a key contributor in bringing the device to the general public.

"It changes peoples lives. It allows them to work, play, get in the car and do things we are meant to do," said Dr. Ferlic.

Since its invention the TayCo Brace has not only helped athletes but grandparents, people suffering from degenerative diseases and anyone who is recovering from ankle injuries.

“I think this is the most innovative product in the last 40 years as far as ankle braces are concerned,” said Dr. Ferlic.

The brace is made in South Bend.

The team works together to create the ankles braces to provide stability, comfort and if need be performance for each patient.

"Mike came up with a tremendous idea and if you extrapolate it, it’s not only meant for football players, it helps people at work and factories and occupational help. Just regular patients like you with an ankle sprain or people with ms or neurological problem. This is going to change the world," said Dr. Ferlic.

While the TayCo Brace is being used on the football field by some of the top teams in college and the NFL, Dr. Ferlic says the general public is where this device is making the most impact and could effect millions of Americans.

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