Made in Michiana: The Imagination Spot

Made in Michiana: The Imagination Spot

GOSHEN, Ind. -- ABC 57's Made in Michiana is taking you to Goshen to meet one woman who is working to make it easier for all of us to send those heartfelt messages to our loved ones and friends. She is doing it through her artwork, using her graphic design skills to create a signature line of greeting cards and stationary.

Cards allow us to deliver messages we can't say in person, or those we're maybe too shy to say out loud.

"Birthdays are my biggest seller, then love cards are the next one because my love cards are really whimsical, not mushy or a little too much in it," The Imagination Spot Owner and Founder Jasmine Wall said.

Greeting cards are the perfect way to celebrate special occasions, big or small, and to show appreciate to those we love most.

"I just want people to look at them and smile. And that’s when I go to art and craft shows, that’s the best part, is seeing people’s reactions when they pick up my products," Wall said.

And for the last four years, the Imagination Spot's owner and founder, Jasmine Wall, has worked to spread those smiles through her custom stationary designs.

"I started as an illustrator and graphic designer for many years in a gift manufacturing company. And after working so long, I just totally fell in love with the idea of gift giving, celebrating people, life events, and I decided in the evenings to work on my own gift designs, while I was still working," Wall said.

Today, she designs, prints, and ships cards from her Goshen home to stationary shops around the U.S. and Canada, sometimes across the globe.

"Traditionally, cards have a lot of words inside and outside. And I think my cards are simple and sweet. It’s the first little thing when you pick it up, and you see the image," Wall said.

Wall says the best part about working for herself is the creative freedom she now gets.

"I can create what I want. I love working with animals, put a little humor in it," Wall said.

She's now been able to expand her line, designing notebooks, notepads, even key chains.

"I also have iron-on patches that you can put on backpacks or little side bags and things like that," Wall said.

As for what's next, Wall says she would like to keep growing.

"I would like to grow my wholesale line first. And I would really love to open a little gift shop and custom stationary shop," Wall said.

And she would also like to continue crafting custom-made cards to ship to stores across the world, from the comfort of her home, right here in Michiana.

"This is what’s working for me really well. And I enjoy doing it," Wall said.

You can also find Wall's designs on Etsy, Amazon, and the Soapy Gnome in Goshen.

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