Man dies after falling from US 12 bridge into Trail Creek

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. -- A man died at the hospital after he fell from the US12 bridge and into Trail Creek Friday afternoon, according to the Michigan City Police Department.

Around 5:35 p.m., an angler called 911 after witnessing the man fall from the bridge into the water.

The angler and another man attempted to help the victim by throwing objects in his direction so he could be pulled towards the shoreline.

The Michigan City Fire Department and La Porte County EMS also responded to the scene.

Firefighters entered the frigid water and rescued the victim, 32-year-old August Breitbarth.

Breitbarth was taken to the hospital for treatment, but later died of his injuries.

Anyone with information or cell phone video is asked to contact the Michigan City Police Department at (219) 874-3221.

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