Man returns to SBN to find tires missing from car

NOW: Man returns to SBN to find tires missing from car

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A Mishawaka man is warning people who fly out of South Bend International Airport to think before they park. He says someone stole the tires right off of his car while parked there early last week. The man is also out thousands of dollars. 

"I was just kind of dumfounded by the whole thing," said Brian Steenbeke. "I didn't know what to think."

Dumbfounded and confused are just some of the emotions Brian Steenbeke experienced after finding his 2013 Ford Taurus propped up on chunks of concrete and a car seat, missing all four tires in the parking lots of South Bend International Airport. 

"I was just like this can't be happening really?" said Steenbeke. "I was just very aggravated, extremely mad."

Steenbeke said he parked the car in the long-term parking lot at SBN last Monday, but found it like this Friday afternoon upon returning from his business trip. Steenbeke reported the incident to airport security. He understands the airport isn't liable, but said he can't believe his ears when SBN told him there's no surveillance cameras in the parking lots. 

"I think it'd be in the airport's best interest to at least look out for the folks that are patronizing the airport, paying to park in the lot and to just monitor what's going on or at least have the ability to go back and look at it," said Steenbeke. 

SBN did not respond to questions about the lack of security cameras. It said it's aware of the situation and is currently investigating. Steenbeke hopes that the investigation leads to change. 

"I think it's important people understand what they're kind of up against about when it comes to security at the airport with parking," said Steenbeke. "I really hope that they can do something with security there."

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