Man shot by Warsaw police officer tried to enter resident's home before she called 911

WARSAW, Ind. --- A man shot in the arm by a Warsaw police officer was identified today as Kyle Miller.

Residents who encountered Miller say he was out of his mind. He was roaming around residential areas in Warsaw asking one man to use his restroom and another man to throw away an empty Pepsi bottle for him which he said smelled like whiskey.

One man encountered him trying to get inside a UPS truck and into moving cars on Lake Street.

Another woman who encountered Miller says he came up to her front door asking for a glass of water.

“My dog was sitting by the door and he started going off so we turn around and look and there’s some guy standing by the door,” Becky Bailey said. “He wanted a glass of water and we told him there’s a water spigot.”

After he couldn’t figure out how to use the water spigot, Bailey said that’s when she realized he wasn't acting normally.

“He kept fiddling around in his pocket and when he tried to go to the water socket he couldn’t even figure out how to do it.”

She says he then tried to enter her home. That’s when she made the call to 911, sending police looking for Miller.

He made his way down Michaels Street and all the way down to Lake Street, where he was shot.

The officer who shot him was identified Thursday as Daniel Clemens.

Reports say he first tried to use a stun gun on Miller and when that didn’t work he used his actual gun.

“I believe the officer done the right thing trying to protect himself and everybody else,” Bailey said.

Just two weeks ago, court records show Miller was arrested for allegedly having a meth pipe in a local Mexican restaurant in Warsaw. The officer that arrested Miller for that incident was actually Officer Clemens, the same officer who shot him Wednesday night.

He was charged with possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

Miller was due in court today (Thursday) for his initial hearing for those charges. Now he faces more charges – for resisting law enforcement.

Miller is now in Kosciusko County Jail and was treated for his injuries. Indiana State Police are investigating what happened and Officer Clemens is on paid leave as per Warsaw police policy.

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