March of the Colonials celebrates Clay High School students "doing the right things"

NOW: March of the Colonials celebrates Clay High School students “doing the right things“

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- With a beat of the drum, they were off.

The March of the Colonials celebrated students who are “doing the right things,” according to Clay High School’s Vice Principal, Robert Smith.

Students and band members marched into the gym to the sound Notre Dame’s Bagpipe Band. This would be the first time in the band’s history performing at a high school.

The theme? Leadership, cooperation instead of demonstration, collaboration and getting along.

“Be kind to one another. Throw all the rules out in school, throw the rules out in society. I wish the whole world could learn from today at Clay,” said Smith. “The more you can know, the more you can show. That’s what we tell kids, show what you know.”

After the final bell Tuesday, students had the chance to learn about college options from Ivy Tech Community College representatives who sponsored the march.

Next, a preview of Clay’s school edition of “Rent” and the varsity basketball game against Penn, which participants received free tickets.

Without a doubt, students loved the rewards.

“I also think it’s good especially for the students and staff here because here at Clay, we try to be the best we can be,” said Devin Antus, Clay sophomore.

The program may have started ten years ago but this year, smith gave his students the highest remarks.

“You are the greatest group of students at Clay High School that we could imagine,” said Smith.

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