Marian high school honors Nevaeh Foster's scoring title

SOUTH BEND, Ind – Navaeh Foster returns home to see her jersey and scoring title hanging the gym she made history in.

Before leaving Mishawaka to start her career at Western Kentucky, Foster set the most points (2,243), passing Marian and Notre Dame legend Demetrius Jackson.

"I feel accomplished and feel like my name will always be around Marian High School, which is a great feeling. Just knowing younger female basketball athletes will be able to see my banner and be motivated by me makes me happy. All my hard work paid off and I’m just happy it is recognized," Foster said.

"It’s a complete honor to have her banner raised to rafters. As a father and a coach That’s something you dream about as a kid. Something very special you can’t take away, A blessing to be grateful for. I remember her 8th grade year going into the gym looking at the 1000-point club banner and her saying she was going to make that list. Her goal was just not to be the girls all-time leading scorer, but it was to be the boys and girls all-time leading scorer and to do that she had to beat former NBA players Demetrious Jackson’s total which at the time I didn’t think it would happen. But she kept putting in the work and accomplished that! She definitely the definition of what can happen when you bust your butt and put in more hours than everyone else." Foster's father and coach Brian Foster said.

Foster recently scored 14 points in route to earning player of the game in Western Kentucky's matchup against Western Virginia State.

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