Elections in Marshall County bring voters out to the polls

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ind.— Elections across Marshall County on November 5 will decide who will sit on Plymouth’s Common Council.

Races in Bourbon, LaPaz, and Culver also brought voters out to the polls.

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Plymouth municipal elections

Plymouth City Clerk-Treasurer

  • Cathy Huff Wraight (D)
  • Jeanine M. Xaver (R)

Plymouth Common Council At-Large

  • Jeff Houin (D)
  • Robert Listenberger (D)
  • Jim Vinall (D)
  • Greg Compton (R)
  • Nick Fisher (R)
  • Bill Walters (R)

Plymouth Common Council District 1

  • Alejandro Cortes (D)
  • Duane L. Culp (R)

Plymouth Common Council District 3

  • Shiloh Carothers Milner (D)
  • Linda Secor (R)
  • Plymouth Common Council District 4
  • Angie Rupchock-Schafer (D)
  • Randy J. Longanecker (R)

Other municipal elections in Marshall County

Bourbon Town Clerk-Treasurer

  • Kimberly Berger (D)
  • Melissa Shawn Clanton (R)

Culver Town Council At-Large

  • Sally Ricciardi (R)
  • Richard “Rich” West (D)
  • Joel Samuelson (L)
  • Judy Price Reynolds (R)
  • Ginny Bess Munroe (R)

LaPaz Town Clerk-Treasurer

  • Lorraine Dove (D)
  • Wendy Birk (R)
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