Matt Reum discharged from hospital following December wreck on I-94

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Matt Reum, the man who survived nearly a week trapped inside his wrecked vehicle under I-94, is going home after three weeks of recovery in the hospital.

Reum has been healing at Memorial Hospital since the crash. He was discharged Tuesday evening and can begin his next phase of healing at home with loved ones.

He issued the following statement upon his discharge:

To everyone who has been following my story,

After four weeks since my wreck, and three weeks of being in the hospital, and hours and hours of physical therapy and occupational therapy, I am finally being discharged.

To the members of the community who have supported me mentally and emotionally and have been in my corner, thank you. The support you have given me has been one of the biggest factors in my healing.

To the countless nurses and assistants who have helped feed me, bathe me and have given me medication throughout the day and night, thank you.

To the skilled doctors and everyone who played a hand in my surgeries going off without a hitch, thank you.

Finally, to my social worker and the amazing physical and occupational therapists here at Memorial Hospital, I can never thank you enough for helping me realize I am not any less of a man just because I lost my leg.

Now it is time for me to take my next steps outside of the hospital where I will be tested, tried, and will grow even more. I may be a little slower getting around than I was four weeks ago, but I’m still going to be moving forward toward a life I am proud of, having been given a second chance.

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