Mayor Buttigieg remains tight-lipped after questions about DePaepe's firing

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- More questions are popping up as we continue to dig into the details surrounding the demotion of South Bend Police Chief Darryl Boykins, and the firing of Communications Director Karen DePaepe.

ABC57's Jason Aubry got a hold of Karen DePaepe's personnel file and a copy of the City Employee Handbook. He found out that her firing may not have been done properly.

On Tuesday night, we showed you how inconsistencies in Karen DePaepe's firing have brought up questions about the city's handling of it.

On Wednesday, Jason caught up with the mayor and asked him about the policies and procedures that should have been used.

Here are the questions he asked the mayor:

  • Why did it take 48 hours for DePaepe to receive her disciplinary action form after she requested it?
  • Was it a question of procedure?
  • Why wasn't she given a copy of it when she was terminated?
  • Why were the fields on the disciplinary notice seemingly needlessly redacted?
  • What does 'conduct of unbecoming of a city employee' mean?

Here's a look at Mayor Buttigieg's answers.

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