MDOT prepared for flooding amid summer storms

NOW: MDOT prepared for flooding amid summer storms

NILES, Mich. -- There was some remarkable flooding all across Michiana this weekend. On Saturday, South Bend broke the record for the 4th wettest day in history with around 4.3 inches of rain. Michigan also experienced large numbers of precipitation.

Buchanan seeing 4.68 inches, Niles coming in at 4.28 inches, St. Joe had 3.94 inches, Constantine with a 3.91 inches and Cassopolis accumulating 3.87 inches.

Each year, MDOT prepares for these rainy days with drain and ditch clearage to avoid flooding. However, even so, the consistent and steady rainfall can make road maintenance difficult. Because of this, drivers should always remain cautious.

“Don’t ever trust a puddle, don’t ever trust it,” says Nick Schirripa, MDOT Office of Communications. “It looks like it might be inches deep, but it could be 2 feet deep. Next thing you know you are up to your car windows,  and now everyone is in trouble. If you can go around it, go around it. If you are not sure, stop, throw your hazards on and take your time find a different way a different route. Do not trust a puddle if you are not sure.”

MDOT provides residents with an interactive map featuring flooding areas, construction sites and more.

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