Memorial growing where slain Mishawaka teen was found

NOW: Memorial growing where slain Mishawaka teen was found

MISHAWAKA, Ind -- Friends and family are still trying to come to grips with the murder of 17-year-old Mishawaka High School student Breana Rouhselang.

Pasqualle Rulli’s restaurant in Mishawaka has become a makeshift memorial for Rouhsleang. It’s where a life seemingly full of happiness came to a tragic end.

Now friends like Kerianna Small, who shared a lunch table with Breana at Mishawaka High School, are coming to show love to the person who gave so much of it to others.

"She was kind to everyone," said Small. "She was involved. Even if you weren't her friend you would know she was always smiling. You always saw her with a smile on her face. She was just overall a great person."

Breana’s father and step mother echoing the same thoughts about the 17-year-old cheerleader and football team manager to ABC’s Alex Perez .

Nicole Rouhselang - Stepmother

"Would never say anything rude or horrible to anyone," said stepmother, Nicole Rouhselang. "She wanted to be everyone's friend. Had all the school spirit you can imagine."

"She was the nicest, sweetest, most innocent girl you'd ever meet," added father, Dave Rouhselang.

Her family and friends now forced to face life without Breana.

"I'm going to miss her encouragement and just her happiness and she gave you good vibes," said Small. "She was positive and it made you positive."

That positivity now fills the darkness here on division street. Happy reminders of that bright life cut all too short.

"Keep people close to you. Don't take things for granted," said Small. "You never know when your last moment might be with them."

Breana’s accused killer 16-year-old Aaron Trejo, the father of her unborn child was in court today, pleading not guilty to murder and feticide charges. He is expected back in court December 19th

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