'Men of Notre Dame' calender returns but with a twist

NOTRE DAME, Ind. -- Some Notre Dame students have a new take on old tradition.

This year, Farley Hall brought back the men of Notre Dame calendar.

These are not your average college beefcakes.

Organizers chose 12 students based on their campus involvement or unique backgrounds.

There is a pre-med major, an engineering student and even a band major.

"When you think of a men of Notre Dame calendar, a lot of people think - 'oh, it's going to be guys dressed up in provocative poses' and that's not the case," said Junior Wendy Hatch. "We really want to focus on good relationships between men and women."

The calendar goes on sale Sept. 22 during the Notre Dame-Michigan game.

It costs $10 and proceeds benefit the Rape Crisis Center of St. Joseph County.

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