Miami Hills resident speaks out about damaged apartment complaints

SOUTH BEND, Ind – Miami Hills residents are speaking out about the dilapidated conditions at the apartment complex.

After last Friday’s fire tore through an apartment in which everyone escaped without any injuries, the resident below where the fire originated said she now has issues that the management at Miami Hills haven’t fixed.

“I have no power, no hot water, no furnace no anything that works in my home so really I have like an abandoned home,” Miami Hills resident Katelyn Kamptner said.

Last month ABC57 showed viewers mold, and mushrooms inside some apartments.

One apartment was classified as condemned and six failed inspections.

Kamptner says she has exhausted all options and she is unsure when the problems in her apartment will get fixed.

“I called them and they called corporate and corporate told me there’s nothing they can do about it so I guess they’re just leaving me here in an abandoned house,” Kamptner said.

ABC57 reached out to the management team at Miami Hills and as of when the story aired there has not been a response.  

Check back for updates if and when the management team at Miami Hills responds to our inquiries and what they plan to solve these issues.

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