Michiana church dedicates its final art by Goshen artist

An Elkhart church dedicates its final art piece crafted by a Goshen artist who has 15 public sculptures all over the state of Indiana. Trinity Lutheran Church now has a 70 foot aluminum spire.

It’s the artist’s largest project to date and the church’s artistic centerpiece.

Local artist John Mishler said he had trouble sleeping once he decided to sculpt his largest project yet. He says his craft is much more than just art.

John Mishler, teaches at Goshen College, and for 30 years he’s sculpted. 

“It becomes more than working away in my studio, it’s really the total community and that’s one thing I like,” said Mishler.

He admits crafting this was a little overwhelming. “It was 70 feet tall and how am I going to deal with that?”

Trinity Lutheran Church reached out to Mishler because it’s committee wanted---

An artistic statement a piece that would stand on this corner for many many years to come and we wanted something local,”  said Tracy Holt, the  Co-Chair of the building committee.

So when the committee decided they wanted Mishler their immediate reaction---

 “It was like, ‘Yes, this is going to be great!’” said Robert Schallhorn, the Senior Pastor at Trinity.

This spire was possible thanks to a donation from a family in the parish, but Associate Pastor Spencer Mielke says it’s not just for the people of the church.

“We wanted to give a piece of art to our community. So anyone driving can see it.”

Mishler hopes this accomplishment serves as an inspiration to local artists, showing them there are opportunities to become successful.

The sculpture at Trinity Lutheran Church took Mishler over a year to craft and design and only took five hours to actually complete.

Mishler said for now he’s working on smaller project and is looking forward to the future.

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