Michiana colleges open doors to St. Joseph's College students

As St. Joseph's college students scramble to find a new place to continue their education, Michiana colleges are extending out support. 

Bethel College has joined Holy Cross and Goshen College in opening their doors to the approximately 900 displaced Puma students. 

Bethel officials say they are capable of taking on additional enrollment. They say they are committed to making sure students can transfer with ease and graduate in the same time frame as they were set to previously.

"We understand that these students are not transferring by choice," said Stephanie Hochstetler, associate director of admissions at Bethel College. "It's a decision that was out of their hands. So we want to open up our arms and let them know that they are welcome here."

That includes honoring current financial aid packages. Especially athletic scholarships. 

"There are some teams that are still looking to fill spots on their team," said Hochstetler.  "So there are options available."

Holy Cross and Goshen are also listed as "Teach-Out" schools for St. Joseph College. You can view the full list here

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