Michiana crops faring much better than last year

NOW: Michiana crops faring much better than last year

If you live in Michiana, you have undoubtedly heard the adage "knee high by the Fourth of July" before.

Corn across the area is growing quickly, helped by well-timed rain over the last few weeks. In some spots, it is closer to "chest high."

But "knee high by the Fourth of July" doesn't delve into the condition of the commodity crop. For that part of the puzzle, we can look to the "Crop Progress Report" from the USDA.

While the height of our local crops is normal, the conditions of corn, soybeans, and winter wheat are vastly superior to start July compared to this same time in 2023.

The main reason for this: the difference in drought conditions. While parts of Indiana have seen abnormally dry weather recently, most of Michiana had moderate to severe drought during May and June of last year.

More rain is expected this week and to start next week, meaning more drought improvements are likely, especially for northern Indiana.

You may notice a difference in quality down the line at your local farmer's market or even at the grocery store.

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