Michiana healthcare professionals develop condensed training course

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – In order to provide additional assistance to Indiana healthcare systems during the coronavirus outbreak, a condensed training course for Temporary Personal Care Assistants will be held at Mishawaka High School.

The training course was developed by Kyle Bossung, the co-founder of Senior1Care and Legacy CNA.

Bossung partnered with the Indiana State Department of Health to create the training course.

Training is scheduled to begin next week and trainees will have access to a fully equipped medical classroom to complete the course.

The classroom features two hospital beds, patient mannequins, a wheelchair, portable toilets and all the equipment needed to start training immediately.

The certification can be attained in one and a half days of training compared to the typical 3 week CNA training schedule.

Once completed, participants will receive letters of certification which will enable them to work at personal care facilities.

The course will be offered for free.

In order to apply for training, visit the website for Legacy CNA Training.

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