Michiana residents prepare for another winter storm

With another winter storm looming, many are prepping for the worst.

Residents are not shocked by more snow, but more disappointed that the warmer temperatures won’t be hanging around.

The anticipated winter storm is not going to scare Michiana resident Mike Salvato from getting a car wash.

“VIP! I could come tomorrow,” says Salvato.

Many are prepping ahead of the expected 6-inch snowfall.

From stocking up on liquid libations to snacks and groceries to the long waits at local car washes, Michiana residents and county officials alike are prepping for the worst of conditions.

“When the weather comes the guys all pretty much know that it’s overtime and our primary goal here is to get the streets clean and make them safe,” says Tom Whitaker, a Supervisor of the South Bend Street Department.

“It’s a nice little teaser, get everyone excited – than bang – right back to the snow,” says La Porte native Curtis L.

And while most Michiana residents would rather see spring, some want the winter weather to hang around.

“Oh I think it’s going to be awesome. I work in it, so I make money off of that,” says Aaron Oakes, who does snow removal services.

With county crews already prepping the roads, for Salvato, a clean car will have to wait another day.

“You get weather like today, then hear the news tomorrow it’s going to be 30 and maybe six to eight inches of snow. Crazy,” says Salvato.

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