Michiana residents remember Ruth Bader Ginsburg

NOW: Michiana residents remember Ruth Bader Ginsburg


ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - People across Michiana took time Saturday to remember the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who passed away Friday from pancreatic cancer. Some calling her a champion of women's rights, others like US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts calling her a champion of justice.

Some, like a small group of people in Plymouth, Indiana, decided to put together a small memorial for Justice Ginsburg. That group went to the Marshall County Courthouse and laid flowers on the courthouse steps in her honor. One of the organizers, Indiana Second District Democratic chairwoman Michelle Livinghouse, said it doubled as both a tribute to her and a history lesson for those in attendance.

"There were tears," Livinghouse said. "People talking about the impact she had on our lives, especially the women, but there were some men there and there were some children there. So, I hope it was a good history lesson for, especially those children. A woman that we respect and admire and loved has just died. I felt a little guilty that I want to fight on, and then I thought 'no that's what she would want us to do.'"

Livinghouse said the flower laying was quickly organized through some social media messages and started with one person saying they wanted to do something for Ginsburg. The flower laying was what resulted.

Meanwhile, in St. Joseph County, County Democratic Chairman Stan Wruble said the news of Ginsburg’s death was sad and that she inspired women across the country, but also should serve as an inspiration to everyone.

"Justice Ginsburg was also an inspiration to lawyers such as myself, whether male or female," Wruble said. "She graduated at the top of her class from an Ivy League Law School, yet, couldn't find a job because she was a woman. She didn't let that stop her. She fought her entire life and her entire career to level the playing field in the field of law so that women would have equal access to justice just as men do, and that should be an inspiration to all Americans."

President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have both said they want to get Ruth Bader Ginsburg's replacement on the Supreme Court before the November General Election. Kosciusko County Republican Chairman Mike Ragan said that is important so that the United States can have a full Supreme Court in the event the Presidential race has to go to the Supreme Court.

"You never known," Ragan said. "(The lection went to the Supreme Court) back with George Bush and Al Gore. I don't know. I'm not a good prognosticator. I think it could be a very close election, and it would be best for Americans to have a full court."

Ragan also said Justice Ginsburg's life outside of the court should be a model to everyone.

"The fact that she and Justice (Antonin) Scalia were best friends tells a lot about both of those that they can put their differences aside," Ragan said. "The Scalias and the Ginsburgs had dinner at each other's houses. They went to the theatre together. They were good friends, and I think that says a lot about her and of course, Justice Scalia as well."

President Trump said he plans to announce his nominee next week. Senator McConnell said the Senate will have a full vote before Election Day.

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