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Michiana residents split over whether to care about Comey

Former FBI Director James Comey’s Tuesday morning hearing aired across the world. But some in Michiana said they didn’t watch, or recognize his name.

ABC57’s Taylor Popielarz spoke with 14 people in downtown South Bend Tuesday afternoon – right after the hearing ended.

Eight said they did not watch the hearing.

Six said they saw at least some of it.

Seven of them agreed to speak on camera.

“I didn’t hear about the hearing specifically,” said Janelle Kervs, who did not watch the hearing. “I just know, like, who he is and what happened. But I didn’t know about the hearing, but, it probably would’ve been something I’d be interested in seeing.”

“It’s not important to me,” said Shirley Coates, who also did not watch.

“I am very interested in politics,” said Vicki Miller, who did watch. “And I am pro-Trump, so I wanted to see what was said.”

“I wanted to see what lies they were going to tell,” said Howard Watford, who also watched.

“I’d rather not stress myself out for something that I really can’t do anything about,” said Carla Arcineda, who did not watch.

“They pay attention to it, my grandparents especially,” said Robert Whitsey, who did not watch. “They pay attention to it. And I think a lot of people are sick of it, so, me personally, like I said, I don’t really care about it.”

“It just kind of seems like it goes on and on and on about different things,” Barber said. “So, I mean, the most important things, I’ll pay attention to.”

“I’m still kind of learning about politics,” Kervs said. “So, I’ve learned a lot, but it’s not something that’s like a huge part of my life. Right now it’s just kind of school and work.”

“I don’t think I’ll pay any more attention than I’m already paying, which is none,” Coates said.

“It affects us all,” Miller said. “You need to be informed. We should all vote and we all should be informed.”

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