Michiana Teens become "Princesses for a Night"

It’s was lucky day for hundreds of Michiana teens—finding the perfect prom dress can be about as easy as finding a four-leaf clover. But some Michiana teens got a chance to score one for free,

The girls had over a thousand dresses to choose from, that ranged in all different colors, shapes, and sizes. And not one girl I talked to left empty handed.

"I don’t know, it's just too many dresses to choose from” said 9th grader Ashley Thifer.

 Hundreds of Michiana teens lined up to be a “Princess for a Night.” The annual event offers girls the chance to look great at prom without braking the bank. And these girls, sure felt like princesses in their dresses.

“I am going to look beautiful” said student My-Chell Sanders.

"It is a really great event because these girls can not all afford to buy $200-$300 dresses. This is a great opportunity for them to enjoy their prom" said event organizer Jennifer Probst.

So many dresses, so little time. With just a few hours to find the perfect one, these lucky girls had some very important decisions to make.

“What color, what length, what style” said My-Chel.

Ziker Cleaners and the Junior League of South Bend teamed up for the giveaway nine years ago. This year the girls had over 1,000 dresses to choose from, and organizers could not be any happier with the turnout.

"We collected 1,102 dresses and we have given away 200 so far" said Probst.

Although the girls get to keep the dresses, many choose to give them back. This way someone else can enjoy being a princess for a night.

"They get to keep the dresses if they want or donate it for next year, so next year more girls can have a dress. So by all means bring it back in Feb. They can keep the dress as long as they like" said Probst.



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