Michiana women packing heat for protection

MISHAWKA, Ind.-- Forget a purse, this woman doesn't leave home without her 9 millimeter semi-automatic.

"You have ten amendments that you are guaranteed to have. Why not exercise those rights? Why not purchase a firearm?" said Reana Bujalski, gun owner.

She first purchased a pink revolver and fell in love with it for- what she calls- a simple reason.

"Knowing that if somebody comes in my home I can protect myself, and my family. Knowing that I am safe," said Bujalski.

She's not the only one. Studies show women are picking up guns at an ever-growing rate. Sales spiked more than 70 percent in recent years as more women find themselves as the family's main protector.

"Living in the house by myself with my child that I could protect myself cause I didn't have a man there with me," said Murnique Collins, gun-owner.

Now she's got a man-- but she still hits the target regularly.
"Women are naturally better shots than men, better hand-eye coordination and better multi-tasking skills," said Brad Rupert, general manager, Midwest Gun Exchange.

And it's for that reason he hires them. Not only to sell his guns, but put these new female buyers at ease.

"You can have a good, knowledgeable approach," said Julia Obendorf, employee, Midwest Gun Exchange. "I think any female can do it and it's just like anything else. We are smart and we can handle ourselves so firearms are just another area we can do that."

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