Michiana's Menu: JoJo's pretzels brings visitors the perfect snack

Michiana’s Menu: JoJo’s pretzels brings visitors the perfect snack

SHIPSHEWANA, Ind. -- JoJo’s pretzels has served the Michiana community and beyond since 1989. These days, the popular destination sees more than 2 million visitors…a year! The dough---is made up of only 4 ingredients

“Our faith is very important to us any opportunity we get to share that with people we do,” says Joanna King, Co-Owner.   

And it was this faith, that kept JoJo’s alive. In 2004, the Kings lost everything in a fire, leaving the future of their pretzel business in limbo. 

“You have to stick with it you cannot just give up from a fire burning you down or whatever,” says Levi King, Co-Owner.   

“This is our lives, this is our only income, so when that happened it was all of our stores gone, but then it made us closer and just strong like we know how to persevere now,” says Mariah King.  

The Kings attribute their perseverance to hard work, and the people who pass through their doors. 

“It is thanks to the community, the customers, my dad’s hard work, he has built this thing with his bare hands, from the ground up, burned down, did it again,” says Jaimeson King.   

But what’s in store for JoJo’s? Mariah and Jaimeson have big dreams to keep the family legacy going.

“I want this place to be a blessing to whomever comes in contact with it, like whether it is a customer an employee, anyone that touches this business that their lives would be blessed in some way,” says Jaimeson.   

The first JoJo’s pretzels can be found in Shipshewana in the Davis Mercantile shopping center. But, there is another location in downtown Goshen as well!

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