Michigan liquor stores profit for first Notre Dame game day


It's just minutes away from Indiana. The Stateline Liquor and Convenience Store in Edwardsburg, Michigan was packed on Sunday, filled with Labor Day barbeque-res and Notre Dame football fans, wanting to purchase adult beverages.

Indiana does not sell liquor on Sundays. Christina Carpenter has worked at the liquor store for six years. She attributes their location to their successes.

"We're right across the line and so we're the first place they hit," she says.

And they are successful. She's hoping they break their record sales on Sunday: they're aiming to make $45,000 in one day.  Their current record is $30,000. 

Indiana resident Erin Canarecci says Indiana is missing out.  she was surprised just how packed the liquor store parking lot was.  "I guess everyone is doing the same thing we are," she says.

Canarecci thinks that if Indiana would allow liquor sales on Sundays, they would make a good profit with the sales taxes.

But in the meantime, she will be joining other Hoosiers in their pilgrimages to state border liquor stores to make their purchases on Sundays. 

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