Middle school uneasy after Facebook threats target students and teachers

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Facebook death threats against a South Bend middle school have students, parents and teachers on edge.

The page is using the likeness of a famous rapper to post all types of foul messages aimed at scaring people who attend and work at Jackson Intermediate School in South Bend.


The page just popped up about two weeks ago and has been causing problems ever since.Now, South Bend police are investigating.


ABC 57 talked to two eighth grade students that attend the school and were specifically targeted in some of the threats. They say they do not feel safe, which is why they are now pressing charges.

Students say this Facebook page just popped up out of no where. The name and the pictures both fake, butthe threats are real.


Students still have no idea why they are being targeted, but the person making the threats is believed to be a fellow classmate at Jackson Intermediate.


Some of the posts on wall include, 'all Jackson people better watch out, don't even go to the eighth grade bathroom'.


 "I concentrate on my work, but at the same time it's weird because it feels like someone is watching me while i work. They think about what they are going to do to me while I am doing my work. I don't want anything to happen to me and not be able to see another day," says Jackson Intermediate student Cyn'trelle Poindexter.


Earlier posts go on to say things like, 'All Jackson middle school students are dead, including teachers'.


The person making the threats targeted several students by name, which has students and their families worried something bad could potentially happen.


 "My mom kept us in the whole weekend and the week before she did too. We couldn't go anywhere unless we were with an adult," says Kevin Reed, who was one of the many students targeted in the threats.


Police say they are taking these threats seriously and will continue to investigate until they can find out who is behind all the violent threats.

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