Mike Braun running on business record in U.S. Senate race

NOW: Mike Braun running on business record in U.S. Senate race

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — while the Jasper native held public office recently, Mike Braun is distancing himself from his opponents by running mostly on his experience as the CEO of Meyer Distributing.

“We’ve been kind of out there doing things in the real world,” he said. “I won’t need to be briefed on the problems when I become the next U.S. Senator. I’ve lived through them.”

As he made the rounds at a Porter County GOP party dinner last week, Mike Braun positioned himself as the “outsider” senate candidate he feels Hoosier voters want.

Especially considering another self-proclaimed outsider won the state by 19 points in 2016’s Presidential Election.

“I said early on [Donald Trump] was an inspiration for me doing it,” said Braun.

That inspiration is evident in his campaign ads against his two primary opponents who he calls career politicians.

“That’s OK but it hasn’t yielded the results and it’s yielded a 15 percent approval rating,” said Braun.

But Braun was also recently a state representative before resigning to pursue a U.S. Senate bid.

“I was for three years and there’s nothing complicated about government,” he said.

From 2015 to 2017 Braun co-sponsored two bills in the House.

One that regulated the manufacturing and sale of e-liquids and a tax hike on cigarettes and gas that would help fund road and bridge projects.

“With my experience in a functional state, with my experience in building a business over 37 years, I think that’s the right combination to actually change the dynamic in D.C.” said Braun.

If he clears the crowded primary race, Braun would meet incumbent Joe Donnelly at the polls in November.

And with a potential nod from President Trump in the general election, he’s confident he could be the Republican to unseat him.

“From a conservative state like Indiana, his voting record is out of line with most Hoosiers in terms of what they want to see done,” said Braun.

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